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Butterfly Lovers (2007)

I like Shan Bo. He is an example about being gentle but not weak, always relaxed and caring. This film is so awesome. so so awesome. i like everything about it, the characters, the costumes..

van review

<Amanda>Well, I'm glad you don't hate yourself, because a lot of people love you and think you're really special.

<Amanda>If you want to know my honest opinion, van, you're the reason this channel is so great.

<Amanda>van is the official #infp mascot

* Lazu nods

<Amanda>When I tell people about this channel, the first thing I tell them about is you, van.

<ShinyVolt>I would have to agree. (that's why i'm here, after all)


first: ballad then: alternative/pop punk then: bubblegum dance

no more memories

i always live in the past. when i was 9 i thought about my life when i was 6, when i was 13 i thought about my life when i was 9. when i was 19 i thought about 13 year old, and now when im 22 i always think about something that had happened in the past. this needs to stop. no more overnostalgia.

live in the present.

facebook is when everyone i know add me, but do they really know me? and if they don't , does it even matter? what changes what doesnt?

feeling abit anxious about tomorrow when i come to hanoi.

stupid major , stupid university, stupid exams. i cant learn?! i failed. i have to retake it by the end of October. I havent graduated and everbody is asking about that. what's wrong with everything?

I want to kill somebody. hahaha

no, stop

i wish i had more better stories to write about. now i always write about insane things.

we need date stamps on these things! - goober September 30 2014

haha my mom likes She is WOW

i bumped into this TVseries because i liked (and still like) Jinyoung, though he's just a support character.

Main story revolves around his character's mother and father. Thats why i dont like to watch that TVseries. i dont like TVSeries where main characters are old. But i recommended it to my mom and she likes it!!!! yayy!!! So now she knows my (current) idol! My mom also said he was fun and everytime he appeared the movie got a boost, and more cheerful !

staying up too late yesterday makes me cant focus today

i hate this

me singing Cold Noodles


that song , the way the flute sounds, bring back many memories.

it's funny how when we're actually at it, we dont feel many things. just go with the flow. but looking back at it strikes so much emotion.

my childhood is filled with historical chinese TVseries. it's so romantic and beautiful and delicate and exquisite in a way that Western TVseries can never copy. I want to relive the memories. Rebuild the childhood. But some people cant un-grow, the friend that shared that childhood with me is with her husband now.

what should i do what should i do..

okay, later. it's almost 3AM

new discover from old things

i always thought Tay Thanh market was a useless bad place to buy clothes. until i went there with Hong LInh. When we go with somebody else, the place becomes another place.

I wish my dad didnt say something so annoying whenever i do something wrong.

btw my dad is going to anh Quang's plaee tomorrow to build his store. my dad had bad experience building relatives' house before. cause he isnt with his team and strangers-“coworkers” suck. or maybe the wrong is on my dad, it's not unlikely. But anyway i hope things will go fine for my dad

im happytoday. everything seems to be going on the right direction. i can watch feaks and geeks and that means im no longer a deaf ear when it comes to english. and maybe there's a job for me at my mother's factory, i can work with english… im no good at english but at least i dont shiver and procrastinate on english, like i do with accounting - my major. there's a future for me.

i feel like singing today, i will sing sing sing.


experiences make stories to tell

Real life experiences make good stories to tell. Even bad / boring experiences makes good stories. it makes life feels richer. i will add more real experiences by going to some real place (not wandering to another internet place, but really put my foot to somewhere new)

nice night

i didnt make schedule palette for Dũng, but i went out to the palace for a walk. When i came out from my house and peeped at bác Hòa's house, i saw Dũng and Bin and Thỏ so i came in. Dũng introduced Thỏ to me. I said “let's catch Thỏ and eat her”. (Thỏ means rabbit) and i snapped the air in front of her. she snap the air in front of me too. though my name isnt an edible animal.

Bin tried to get me to play role-play characters in Shinosuke manga but i refused… arg it's boring to me. i like to play with kids but not roleplay some manga i dont know…

Bông noticed me and she ran into me with her arms spreaded out again, that was so cute and warm. I grabbed her and let her sat on my lap for a bit and put her down to the ground to leave but she ran after me, her cousin Bo said “she had to exercise” and Bông shouted instantly “I will exericse with you toooo” though I'm sure she doesn't even know what that term exercise means. kekeke. I tricked her into playing with the other kids and sneaked off…

i listened to music while walking in the palace. when i think about walking i think of boredom, but tonight it is not. it was neutral, at least im working about my fatness.

i texted Quyên while i walked, too. texting makes time fly faster. and in a blink of an eye. well, no. but in two blinks of an eye, i finished my walking session. *claps*

i walked back home, anticipated nothing, then suddenly chị Thúy appeared and twined her arm in mine and tagged me along to her home. she asked about wifi stuff. i own a wifi router and some people have been asking for the password. of course i let them know. it's 16365728 by the way. a meaningless string of numbers. everybody asks me what that means. and i admitted to them that's the default password when i bought that wifi router, and since i didnt know how to change it, i kept it. they told me why not change it? i said i remember that password already –> no need to change. So, a random string of numbers that a bunch of people have to mesmorize. that's cool.

now, come to think of it, i think it's good to have that hard=to-remember password. because it makes it harder to reveal to somebody. of course not hard for me, but hard for them, so they cant spread that password all over the world and eat my bandwidth. kekeke

Back to the story, when i left chị Thúy 's house and went back to mine, i saw Tuấn standing in the front of the ngõ, i stopped by and we talked and pulled out the ads pasted on the wall. and we walked back to the palace and some place near there. that was fun, it's not normal for Tuấn to talk but everytime he talked we're like 2 real friends. that feeling when talking to a real friend. long gone.

cute kids


i like them good kids. I like the way Bông hugs my legs and the way she cries when i left. kekeke. it has been such a long time since someone cried when i left :(

today when i opened my doors and stepped out, she detected me and ran into me with her arms spreaded out…so cute

ekekekkeke. and Dũng called me when i was watching Freaks And Geeks ep2 to improve my english. i was busy and didnt want to stop watching to play so i didnt answer him. BUt now i feel a little bad for that. i shouldve came downstairs and told him that i was busy.

Or maybe i should tell him not to call me when im not downstairs (it means im upstairs and not free)

going to draw a Schedule palette for Dũng

old posts


Finally got something to say other than complaining. So i went to a free korean class yesterday. The teacher was super energetic that made me feel a bit tired. He talked loudly, he was a korean, but spoke good vietnamese (though the accent is a bit hard to listen to), but his words were fine. He's enthusiastic. I liked that. Maybe that's what kept people coming, and because it's free, too.

I hated staying in the house doing nothing specifically all day, so i went to that class with my roomate. The class starts at 6PM but we had to arrived there since 4:30PM because otherwise there would be no seat left. We came and sat at the table in the top corner and looking from there made my neck hurt so bad.

people are going to receive there accounting degree tomorrow and i cant. that makes me feel bad. i hate it, i hate it, i hate it, i hate it.

going to go back to my hometown this week.


im wondering what im doing with my life. so bored… i need to spend time on computer less. i dont do anything worthwhile on the internet/computer. this needs to be changed. aaaaaaaa

It's almost in a shape now. i mean the social circle. …this is cool, the i get along with people here better than any other group in life. Is that sad?

i need to practice listening to english more, please record yourself speaking english and send me… thanks for your help :)

(please make it long)


I'm currently reading “The boy in striped pyjamas”. When I read easy and nice books i feel like it's effortless and just in a blink of an eye i reach to xx%. With hard/boring books, time seems to stay still and i tried so hard but never get further than 2%. ekekkeke

So this book


So that book's ending is hateful. but the rest is great.

now time to grab another, i downloaded more than 20 books from page 3 and page 4 of the list “books that everyone should read at least once” on goodreads. by the way this title is lame. once?! so that means the lazy ones should read it once and the normal people read it twice or more? except im running out of anything to read, what means i dont have internet and any other source to get book - which is unlikely to happen, i will read a book again.

i cant endure it, im reading books in english because there's one thing makes things easier: the need to know what happens next. if i read a book again that no longer available - the …secret, the hidden ends…. so i cant, i just cant

by the way im bored now. i hate that nearly 30 books i just got - are all in trash now. i dont like any of them. now im going to find another book to read

if things happen not so smoothly i will convert some websites (the whole website, not just any web page ) to a book and read it in the mean time

Im going to my hometown soon this weekend. i dont like this. anytime i have to move i hate it

not that i dislike one place over another, just that i hate travelling :/

happy outofjob era!!!

OK, im temporarily tired with english books. so i decided to go back to books in vietnamese, just downloaded a bunch from, that's page 5. i will digest them and come back to page 6 later to collect more books


i cant go to my hometown because my roomate's future roomate cant come here to live with my roomate → i will live here until she has another roomate to live with…

what a relief… i dont want to be mean but… suddenly i want to live here some more days, instead of going to my parents' house in my hometown.

finally, i found a great site with lots of pirated vietnamese books for me, this is it

the thing i hate about translated books (original: international, language: has been translated to vietnamese) is how the translators use word and dance with literature. i dont like the way they grab the words. it's not rich, it's not satisfying.

i wish i were better at english, enough for me to read any book i want. now i can only read easy books. but …well…that's great already, compared to 2 years ago when i couldnt even read the easiest english book. i hope i will be able to read hard english book soon….

im hungry for something to read…aaaa

/me downloads a bunch of vietnamese books in vietnamese ::::DDD

guest post by goober

hi van this is reboog I am checking multiple times daily like I said, feel free to delete this



Bored, i want to do something.

im conscious, people are telling me fat. i dont think im too fat, just a bit. grrr. when you're fit noone bothers to compliment and when your weight changes a bit everybody tells you what's wrong.

Hi Goober, are you reading this? Thanks for reading my…random things about my days ++


I hate cooking. why? because i cant focus. it requires too much energy to stay focus while cooking, you have to run there to get a bit spices, run here to get some veggie, run there to get meat,… and you can never stay in one place-which i love. but i HAVE TO cook, to have something to eat sometimes i wish human could breathe to live, use oxygen like trees to survive. no having to cook, no having to buy bowls or wash them after meal. no wasting money….

im on 885th book on the list “books that everyone should read at least once”

guest post by snacky

Hi, van. This is not goober. This is snacky. If you delete this, I will just say hi to you again. Also, hi.

thumb up for snacky

im wondering what im doing with my life

guest post by reboog

hi van! this is reboog again! are you doing okay?

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